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Hello! This is my newest site. Here I made a HTML and CSS simple template, inspired in My Melody. I use Neocities to improve myself. HTML and CSS are my biggest hobbies. If you liked my content and my simple codes, plese make a comment in Cbox Section. Thank you for being here!


26/03/2021 | So today I have been put the codes in Neocities. I think I did something really cute and aesthetic. I never used the tag (table) like this, I'm so happy I could! I think I will put some little texts here, untill I make something bigger in HTML and make another Neocitie! Every result I get is beautiful and I love to see how much I grow!

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Hello! This is my newest site! I'm Tati and I like HTML and CSS so much.

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Thank u so much for visiting this site. Every click means so much for me, I'm new to HTML and I'll always try to make such cute and simple sites.